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The Clock Tower

A landmark is more than just an impressive structure. It marks its territory by becoming a symbol of the society for generations. Clock towers represent the part of a community with solid foundations and strong ambitions. Clock towers are a marvel of mechanical engineering; they are milestones of achievement that we live up to.

This is where Europe Watch Company aspires to achieve, to become the landmark in the world of luxury watches. 

The Timepieces

Milestones and plaudits are the result of visionary foresight in which we believe – as a majority of watch lovers do – that the luxury of timepieces is not about namedropping, but an authentic appreciation for craftsmanship and design. The Europe Watch Company appears to timepiece and jewellery lovers and collectors with an unparalleled showcase of both the classic names and exquisite craftsmanship. From quintessential brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audermars Piguet, Cartier to renowned high jewelry house Buccellati and Maret Fine Jewellery, the selection of seamless blend of luxury and finest craftsmanship. 

Europe Watch Company

Synonymous with luxury watches and sophisticated style, Europe Watch Company has won acclamation for its eye for the finest European horological craftsmanship since 1997, and its quest for noble timepiece is perfectly captured by the elegant logo in Continental script with an exquisite watch motif. 

As a recognized industry leader, Europe Watch Company demonstrates its commitment to quality excellence through its dedicated flagships in Tsimshatsui East.  It is the trusted authorized dealer and distributor of limited prestigious international watchmakers.